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We are now in Oz after two amazing years of traveling Europe in our home built plane. We met many fantastic people who we are proud to call friends and have gained a much better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cultures of the different European states as well as the history and geography that have lead to these differences. We enjoy meeting people with similar interests to ourselves and learning more about other cultures. Please let us know if you're going to be in Queensland and would like to catch up for a meal and a chat.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Other people's planes...

always look different to your own.  Today we went down to Denver airfield to have a look at Gary's to get a better understanding of what the trimmer would do and to nut out the thorny issues such as 'did they really want me to mount the seat belt attachments there?'  Anyway the latter question was meant to apply to the rear seat belt attachments, but I discovered that the front seat belt mounts go behind the seat, ahhhh.  Oh well it was a quick repair.  I have a real aversion to redoing any job, but I'm discovering that although it takes 20 mins to do a job the first time, it really only takes 2 minutes to redo it.

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