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We are now in Oz after two amazing years of traveling Europe in our home built plane. We met many fantastic people who we are proud to call friends and have gained a much better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cultures of the different European states as well as the history and geography that have lead to these differences. We enjoy meeting people with similar interests to ourselves and learning more about other cultures. Please let us know if you're going to be in Queensland and would like to catch up for a meal and a chat.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 13 - Swedish bug horror stories

Today we rode into Stockholm, did a bit of a loop around town, went to the covered market in Ostermalm for some awesome cheese and smoked fish that we ate beside what we thought was a canal but turned out to have been the waterway separating 2 islands, so we found ourselves yet again cycling the same coast line.  We had a few difficulties as the cycle path ended up taking us through a museum's grounds and sort of disappearing, but otherwise it was a good ride.  At Mats & Tina's we had really good hamburgers and heard all about all the nasty diseases Swedish insects can carry and about the one poisonous snake they have over here, which all sounds a bit worrying!  Otherwise a great fun evening.

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