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We are now in Oz after two amazing years of traveling Europe in our home built plane. We met many fantastic people who we are proud to call friends and have gained a much better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cultures of the different European states as well as the history and geography that have lead to these differences. We enjoy meeting people with similar interests to ourselves and learning more about other cultures. Please let us know if you're going to be in Queensland and would like to catch up for a meal and a chat.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Copenhagen from the air

Coming from flying in the UK where airspace is very strongly controlled, Europe has been a real eye-opener.  Regnar suggested that a flight over Copenhagen would be a good idea, and that if Copenhagen's main airport, Kastrup, weren't too busy, they'd let us fly over their runway.  Crazy, we thought, but gave it a go.  And it worked.  Cleared to fly over runway 12 (120 deg), not under 300ft (100m).  Then once we reached the end of the runway we didn't really know where to go next, so asked for permission to do a 180 and fly back down it.  Granted.
Just flying over the odd jumbo
Nice, hey!
We also got to do some good sightseeing over Copenhagen.  As a German speaker I was fascinated to discover from wikipedia that the name was originally Køpmannæhafn, which is understandable from modern German as kaufmann (merchant) hafen (harbour).
Kastellet is one of the best preserved fortifications in Northern Europe.  Construction started in 1626 and originally the king intended to have a castle there.  From the air you can see its pentagram form much better than on the ground.

We find it really interesting to look at things from the air and from the ground and compare the resulting photographs.  Below is the Copenhagen Opera House, donated by Maersk shipping to the Danish state and located just opposite the Royal residences.
It's a controversial building, though more people seem to hate it than to love it.  What do you think?
And this is the palace square on the opposite side of the river.
From above you get a really good impression of how it lays out.
nice reflections on the canal / windows
Rosenborg castle, which houses the crown jewels
I somehow managed to miss this photo of an amazingly well restored Roller / Rolls in my last post on Copenhagen, so here it is.

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