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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Airfield review Hannover Updated and downgraded

`We wanted to go into Hildesheim,quite a long way out of Hannover as part of our avoid large airports, avoid large fees plan.   But they were having racing on their airfield that weekend so we couldn't land there and Hannover.

Landing on the shorter (app 1.3km) runway

So we went into Hannover airfield and Kerstin picked us up.  Which was most convenient.  Hannover hosted the World Expo in 2000, which means that the airfield is well connected to the town by a train that goes to the main terminal and takes about 20 mins to get to the main rail station at a cost of €4.20 per single.

For the size of the airport, landing wasn't expensive at €10 and some change, with our total bill for 2 landings and 3 nights parking outside being €48.  Parking in the hangar is in the €50-60 per night range.  We were chauffeured around by a follow me bus.  And everyone was really, really, nice.

Then we got the bill in the post.  Apparently we were meant to be charged for take-offs as well as landings.  In and of itself no problem, but it's a lot easier if they charge us at the time, as it was the bill went to an English friend's place and they had to then email us all the details and then we had to organise to pay out of Australia with the most inconvenient time lapse.  Really such a pain and has left me with less than charitable feelings towards the German bureaucracy that occasionally frustrates us all.

And they put us on the arrivals board!!!!  (GCGOL)
Hannover: Friendliness 10/10
Value 1/10  I hate thinking I've paid for something then getting a bill in the post 'oh by the way we forgot to charge you, pity that paying on the spot is more convenient for you and therefore you usually do it that way!'
Location 7/10

No restaurant at the GA terminal, but lots of cafes for punters in the terminal.  This is not a place you would camp, but if you're interested in going to Hannover it is convenient place to stop with good rail connections to town from the main terminal which is a fair foot march away.

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  1. Oh my goodness. They were this mean? Letting you pay afterwards without saying it... Unbelievable. Luckily I don't live there anymore and you can fly by and have a try on Bonn's airflieds ;-)