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We are now in Oz after two amazing years of traveling Europe in our home built plane. We met many fantastic people who we are proud to call friends and have gained a much better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cultures of the different European states as well as the history and geography that have lead to these differences. We enjoy meeting people with similar interests to ourselves and learning more about other cultures. Please let us know if you're going to be in Queensland and would like to catch up for a meal and a chat.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Off to Soderslatts Vellinge for Malmö and farewelling Cris and Rosi

It was a wet and blustery morning that Julian and Cris took off as the first load going south, braving the at times 70 knot winds. Rosi and I stayed behind to clean, drink tea and go for a walk along the lake. Tough, but someone had to do it!
In the afternoon, when we'd all unpacked in our field near Malmö and after having iur 3pm late lunch, we strolled down the runway between the canola fields to walk along the foreshore (and eventually get abus to Trelleborg, as the seaweed smelt rather intense). Trelleborg is a great compact little town, with massive ferries coming regularly over from Denmark. In half an hour we had seen the major sights, including a fountain of a mermaid riding a snake-dragon (!) and were ready to hit up the supermarkets for dinner. With great talent Julian an Cris managed to get all we needed and meet the last bus (6.45pm).
The next day we wanted to do the 30km into Malmö, but decided (wisely as it turned out) that the hire bikes from the aerclub might not make the distance. Instead we cycled onto the big sand peninsula at the souh west corner of Sweden, which has long been the location of the holiday houses of the rich Stockholmites. There is a very impressive canal across the base of this peninsula. The bike paths out there are really good and the area is worth a look. Unfortunately not long after we'd turned back the bearings fell out of the crank in Cris' hire bike, rendering it unpedallable, so the boys ended up finding some rope and Julian towed Cris the 17kms home. It was a very windy day and a lot of that was with headwind....
Then a 10 year old on a bicycle managed to shoot out from behind a hedge and I didn't manage to take timely evasive action. Sigh. So now my bike has a broken gear lever which I hope to have fixed in Berlin in 5 weeks, as it's the first place we'll be in long enough for a repair...
Crisand Rosi managed to catch a variety of busses to make it to Copenhagen airport for their onward journey to Amsterdam, so all went well.

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