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We are now in Oz after two amazing years of traveling Europe in our home built plane. We met many fantastic people who we are proud to call friends and have gained a much better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cultures of the different European states as well as the history and geography that have lead to these differences. We enjoy meeting people with similar interests to ourselves and learning more about other cultures. Please let us know if you're going to be in Queensland and would like to catch up for a meal and a chat.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Orienteering of the air in Neu Brandenburg

The joint military / civil airstrip of Neu Brandenburg

We were really happy when we discovered that there was an air rally in Neu Brandenburg on the weekend of the 9 - 12 May, right on our way to Denmark.
So naturally we asked whether we could camp on the airfield, which caused considerable consternation, it being a shared military / commercial air transport airfield.
Anyway everything ended up working out much better than just camping: Wolf a former DDR Mig pilot invited us to stay with him and his lovely wife, Silke.

This was not just a great opportunity to get to know some really lovely people, it had the added benefit (for us) of giving us an insight into the military and the DDR.
We felt a little unprepared for the competition, as we didn't have all the necessary equipment to do the course calculations etc., luckily we chose to join the tourist class! Next time we'll join the real competition. Though I don't know that I like our chances against all the ex-fighter and commercial pilots.

Precision landing box

 Anyway an excellent time was had by all, and we met a lot of interesting pilots at the gala dinner who had travelled to all sorts of places and gave us some good tips on travelling to the relatively uncharted East...
Did I mention that we won our class, I was so pleased!

Julian getting ready to test ride Wolf's 50s Czech motorbike...

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